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an ethics agreements of natizen

학교는 건전한 사이버문화 정착에 성균관대학교 전구성원이 앞장서서 선도적 모범을 보임으로써 대학은 물론 사회 전체에 올바른 네티즌 윤리의식이 자리잡을 수 있도록 하기 위해, 본교 교수. 직원.학생으로 구성된 네티즌 제정 준비위원회를 통해 수개월의 노력끝에 2001년 1월에 "네티즌 윤리규약"을 제정하게 되었습니다. 앞으로도 지속적으로 보완할 계획이며 네티즌들의 많은 참여를 바랍니다.

인터넷에 참여하는 모든 네티즌은 가상공간을 활용한 자기표현 및 의사소통의 활성화를 통해 민주주의적 기본가치의 존중과 공동체의 성숙을 추구하며, 이를 위해 가상공간에서 요구되는 네티즌의 기본윤리를 토론과 합의를 통해 다음과 같이 선언한다.

'These rules leave a base to all agreement really voluntary of a field, and I was made, and a member leads before Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU), and I look, and practice it, and I will spread it to all domestic and foreign universities.Also, these rules improve in person it according to maturity of a technical development and social conditions, and I will go out.'

Basic Object
  • 'I have sacred duty we respect (仁義禮智) as Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) netizens leading an information communication society in cyber spaces, and I practice it, and the succession develops GeonHakINyeom of 修己治人, and to go out of.'
  • 'We identify a virtual reality with an actual space, and cultivate a quality and the personality that a member of society whom I exchange helpful information, and matured through sound personal relations formation shall be equipped with, and I do it with the aim of maturity of an intellectual in cyber spaces.'
  • 'The guardianship/a line is discharged freedom of an expression and autonomy and the right to pursue one's happiness, and we run out, and netizen all act to thought to be deep so that together can be happy, and I respect rights of a stranger.'
  • 'We encourage a netiquette to be healthy in the information society, and to implement the knowledge information society through correct information joint ownership contribute.'
Basic Rule
  • It is to the space that Internet space was given equally to to all, and we clarify it.
  • First of all, we give consideration to a stranger in Internet spaces, and I respect it.
  • We criticize it about the actions that are not correct in Internet spaces, and I lead you, and I go out.
  • We lead, and I move into action in real name, and I take the responsibility about own actions.
  • I am legal, and us use (an offer) calls sound information only.
  • We use a correct language only in the Internet.
  • We share useful information.
  • We lead to an illegal act banishment in Internet spaces.
  • We endeavor so that sound Internet cultural artist is independent, and we can be settled ultimately down.
  • We have a reasonable isomerism, and I take you in an argument.
  • We understand it about the other's mistakes, and I forgive it.
Use rules.
  1. Delete the unimportant email immediately and clean the mailbox on a regular basis.
  2. Try to write a short message without using the control letters.
  3. 'You shall keep courtesy, and you shall especially note it to languages to give the damage to strangers (slander, an insulting remark etc.) on contents when you designate a stranger.contents when you designate a stranger.'
  4. Try to use your real name when you are filling out information in your mail account.
  5. Do not send chain letters, mail bomb, or spam mail to anybody and stay away from them.
  6. If you receive an email that abuse you or violate your pripacy, Do not send a reply in a state of agitation. You'd better not to respond to that kind of email.
  7. 'An excessive refutation refrains, and emphasize to an assertion of oneself only, and I give consideration to unpleasantness to counterparts about the other's learnings to have put so as to dose not whether or not there is a state.'
  8. I take you by attitudes that face-to-tace coversation in case of on-line conversations.
  9. When you enter the chatting room, you had better listen to the others' conversation for a while.
  10. I wait for the enough time that on-line conversation is progressed, and a counterpart can answer.
  11. Use the grammatically correct expressions.
  12. Click the Confirm button.
  13. Never post illegal softwares or music files that infringe the copyright law nor use them.
  14. Do not put large graphic images in a document. In case It is necessary, try to reduce the communication load by making a smaller file.
  15. URL should be written based on the standard notation and should not be changed frequently.
  16. If you are writing on the web, try to update the documents frequently (at least once a week) and include the last day of correction to show that the documents are managed continuously.
  17. 'Formly I should be catch the subject which need to myself,and I prepare for a case whether or not there is the necessary subject, and I newly will certainly investigate it to oneself when I join it in a mail ring list even if procedural of a secession application.'
  18. Be careful not to send an email that is supposed to be sent to a specific person to the entire recipients on the mailing list.
  19. Make good use of introductory remarks. (Ex: [Urgent] [Suggestion] and [Reply])
  20. If it is possible, sensational title does not use it.
  21. Re-transmission does not call the mail that received in a mail ring list without dispatch arbitrariness approval.
  22. When you are asking questions to the whole discussion team, receive replies individually and share the replies with the team.
  23. When you are sending messages, use your individual email account instead of using the common account.
  24. You cannot recover the message (conversation) once It is sent out. Therefore, please check again whether you really want to send the message or not.
  25. Before using news services from the Internet, browse the articles to try to catch hold of the atmosphere of the news team.
  26. When you are responding to the news information on the Internet, make sure whether you are responding to the whole news team or to an individual recipient.
  27. Let's share the useful information by kindly answering the questions posted on the web if you are familiar with the questions.
  28. Work I cause overload to server, or I will do it to different users as I login to remote server if I use a system, and to become refrains.
  29. When you are using anonymous FTP, enter your email address in the password correctly.
  30. In order not to cause damage to other users, please avoid the peak time when you are downloading huge amount of data.

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Recommended PC options/required programs

  • Sample regular courses
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  • Recommended PC options/required programs